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30 July 2009 @ 01:37 pm
It's been a long time coming  
So I am offically done with school (Wahoo!).  I was really excited the first day, even though everyone I hung out with left for the weekend, and totally screwed up my sleep schedule in a day.  I'm working on fixing that.  Even ifi don't have to go to work I get up and go in anyway to help Brad (for those of you who don't know Brad is my friend and boss).  Then I hang out do some work then go home.  Been helping my other friend Heather (Brad's fiance) with the wedding and her dress.  It's been fun.  Started making plans for my future with a possibility of opening my own business fairly soon, I'll keep you updated on that.  But thats my life in a nutshell so far.  Hope everyones been doing good.   Now that I'm all adult like I need to keep in touch with "old friends"  Love you all.

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