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24 August 2009 @ 01:13 pm
Sleep Deprevation.....I haven't missed you  

So I have been awake now for 25 1/2 hours.  Last night it was paint the floors night.  But unfortunately we couldn't just paint the floors.  First we had fill in all the cracks.  Allow three hours to dry.  In the mean time we got Taco Bell and had a lively best/worst categories of movies game.  Then when the sealant dried we had to use the degreaser diluted with water mop the whole floor with it, scrub the whole floor, then mop with clean water.  Allow 30 mins to dry.  Then came the etcher (for those you who don't know and I didn't etcher does to concrete what sandpaper does to wood) much dismay when after the process began the realization that we had to dilute it was made.  So scrub the whole floor with the diluted etcher then hose off and suck up all the water with a shop vac ( the last part was our idea it wasn't on the directions, though previous incidents have proven that we were not so good at read the instructions).  Wait to dry.  I hour and 12 rounds of Call of Duty 4 came time to paint.  3 people painting with rollers one "resting". Took about an hour.  500 sq ft 8 hours of labor.  Free food.  Started at 7 pm finished at 4:30 am.  Paint takes 2 hours to dry.  Everyone was back at the store by 7 am for the second coat.  Wait 2 hours to dry.  Had breakfast played with puppies.  Back to store for cleaning and putting everything back in place and somethings in different places.  Store was supposed to open at 11am we opened at 1pm.  I am scheduled to open anyway I get off at 4 then I'm going to help Heather finish up the rest of the wedding stuff (which is on Sunday Yeah!)  Oh did I mention that I worked on Sunday 12pm to 7pm after only 4 hours of sleep.  I have had a lot of caffeine.  After a brief half hour nap on the cold floor waiting for people to arrive I have my second wind.  I am hoping to use this to my advantage and get on a semi normal sleep schedule. 

Okay that was long and really boring.  Hope everyone is having fun.

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